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What is online P.R.

Usage of online media by consumers and influencers for creating and sharing content about your brand and organization. Reaching out to an organization’s audience and communicating with them via online media is Online Public Relations. Building and managing your online reputation. A good celebrity is one who has a specific mindshare of his / her fans – positioning yourself rightly in the minds of the people is critical to have a distinct and premier brand identity. We do this for you using sophisticated tools like the brand positioning map. Moreover, we manage your presence across social platforms, keeping the message focused on the image and identity you wish to convey, not letting negative perceptions tarnish your presence. When we talk about online PR, we are talking about activities geared towards influencing Media, Communities and Audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channels. This includes Search Engines, Blogs, News Search, Forums, Discussion Threads, Social Networks and other Online Communication Tools. Brand Reputation Monitoring and management is also a focus area for online PR. Any organisation, either a start up or an established entity creating and managing good online PR practise from the initial stages, along with SEO and Social Media presence, becomes pivotal to ensure a successful Digital Marketing strategy. If a business has news, they should make it easy for the media to find out about the same. This is where we come into picture. We specialise in passing on every new feather in your hat to every important eye that needs to see it,

How online P.R can help your business

  • Builds your virtual brand
  • Reaches international markets
  • Generate leads
  • Increases your visibility
  • Measure your results

What we can do for you

  • Blogging
  • Online Press release
  • Interviews in publications
  • Bloggers engagement
  • Online events
  • Journalists and bloggers conference
  • Creating and distributing viral videos

How do we do it?

  • Online visibitlity of press releases to a huge number of relevant websites and blogs.
  • Engaging and communicating with bloggers.
  • Using Search Engines, Blogs, News Search, Forums, Discussion Threads, Social Networks and other Online Communication tools to relay important news related to your brand.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • Inviting guest bloggers to post on the company’s blog