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When someone tries to lower your rankings, it is referred to as negative SEO. It does not include lowering of your website's ranking due to some competitor's website but when someone purposely tries to bring your website down through bad tactics. An example of this is when someone links a porn or a casino website to your site. This becomes negative when your rankings begin to drop. The first impact of negative SEO is when Google starts to filter you out. One way is to look at SEO as a over -optimization cup. Each website has a different size of the cup. If you

YouTube is the second best search engine of the word and an integral part of everyone’s life. YouTube has turned into a phenomenon of communicating visually and the it provides liberty to convey your own thoughts. It has become a medium to educate the mass in a more personal and entertaining manner. It helps you to create a deeper bond with your audience. YouTube is also an amazing platform for content marketers to promote their stuff and capture the attention of their target audience.Because the number of YouTube users is so high, the kind of the audience is very diverse and covers different age

A human’s attention span lasts for about 8-10 seconds. If you cannot engage their attention, you will lose your viewers. There can be multiple factors contributing to their decision. The quality of the content, the topic and how relevant it is to them. If you write about the same stuff that everyone is writing, you will tire them out. Your content needs to be precise, entertaining and at the same time unique. Even your headline contributes to who actually reads your blog. About 80% of your viewers will see your headline and only 20% of those will actually read it. Headlines matter as they introduce

Everyone thinks that pay per click is an added cost, but actually, it is not a bad expense. The key is to target the right keywords. SEO work takes a long time. One should always choose keywords in such a way that the right keywords are targeted from the money point of view. One can use Google keyword planner, UberSuggest or Through Google Keyword planner, one can find keywords and phrases related to their products and services. It finds the most relevant keywords for your business. It is not important to have many keywords. Keywords mean nothing if people do not purchase from

Have a checklist ready Having a checklist makes it easy to identify and prepare for each step of your online promotion plan. Creating a checklist also makes it easier to allot tasks to team members and make sure that everyone is clear on what they have to do in terms of the project. Make a list of people you are reaching out to Create a list of people you are going to email or you are reaching out to in your field of interest. Make sure you don’t spam them with continuously sending them promotional emails. Divide your audience on the basis of the

The best way to promote your previously used content is by updating it. For example, if you have a list of best action movies up to the year 2017. You can update the list by adding in the relevant description of new movies that have released in 2018. This way your content appears new and has more value to it. Once you are ready with the updated content, push it up on your page where it can capture the attention of your viewers and ask them to share it. You can post the link of your content piece on different social media platforms or

Content marketing is a vast field with infinite topics to talk about. But as independent and exploratory as it is, content marketing can be tedious to stay consistent with in the long run. There are a couple of ways through which you can ensure that you don’t get stuck in that whirlpool of confusion. Set a definite goal and objective for your content. Stick to it and make sure that each and every content piece you create should take your readers one step closer to that goal. It will also help you to create a framework of what to write and how to write

Facebook ads are very popular and effective, and a great way for marketers to reach targeted masses. They are quick and an easy way to increase brand awareness and make your product or service reach the public. Here we will talk about a few basic things to keep in mind while working on Facebook ads and get the most out of them. Since the time Facebook released the feature, it has come a long way. Facebook ads have become more efficient and target-specific. With various tools and features provided by the social media giant, you can expect to reach any group of people

There can be various reasons for loss of traffic particularly when you haven't changed anything in your content marketing plan. One reason could be the link algorithm which might be spamming or maybe your content is outdated and redundant. Another reason could be that the User experience of your website is not that great. One could definitely read the Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land or the Search Engine Roundtable to look for the latest algorithms and changes in the sites. SEMRush and Moz can be used to get notified about the changes happening around. For example, SEMRush does not only show the changes in

Content marketing isn’t comprised of just blog postings and articles. You can use different formats of representation to deliver your content more interestingly. Make them into an infographic or visually appealing videos. For example, Squatty Potty spent about $600,000 on a funny commercial of a unicorn pooping rainbow ice-cream by using their product and portrayed their boring product in a very creative and attractive manner. They associated the idea of their product with something absurd and entertaining. Your industry may not seem interesting to a majority of people but the judgment is not absolute. There will be people who find it interesting. Type in