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• Who is a good celebrity?

A good celebrity is one who has a specific mindshare of his / her fans – positioning yourself rightly in the minds of the people is critical to have a distinct and premier brand identity.

• Why do you need an Online PR service?

Anybody having access to and being exceedingly aware about the use of Social Media, one will question the need for an online branding agency. There are a number of pitfalls though, when celebrities address their own issues. A single statement made public under emotional or professional influence would have an adverse effect on one´s hard built image. By employing specialists in Social Media Marketing and Online PR, you are rest assured, for this is what we specialise in. Keeping a constant check on every word about you that goes live, we ensure a thorough online image makeover for you. A professional has skill set to help you boost and improve your reputation. At the end of the day, we will know our business BEST. • Why us? We do this using sophisticated tools like the brand positioning map and other Social Media strategies like generating online reviews, using Blogger Engagement and Optimising your Twitter and Facebook pages. Moreover, we manage your presence across social platforms, keeping the message focused on the image and identity you wish to convey, not letting negative perceptions tarnish your presence.

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