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Gaurav Dhingra

Gaurav Dhingra is a Marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in working with prestigious brands such as Bharti- Walmart, Opera, Vivo, Optel, and Hexagon. He believes in ‘measurable is manageable’ approach to business; this helps him deliver the highest possible ROI to clients. When not working, he loves to cook.
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Payal Vora

Doctor turned content manager, I love to play around with new ideas that resonate with people. In other activities, I am a jack of a lot of trades and master of few, like singing, dancing and writing (songs and poems)!
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Bharti Udasi

A graduate in Mass Media, Bharti is a sarcastic and the youngest in the team. When she isn’t working, she is usually found writing poems and performing them in poetry slams across Mumbai. She also does Graphology and is a part time Make-up artist. With her varied interests, this feminist lady defines travelling in books[...]
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Ashish Goplani

Social Media Executive by profession & a Photographer by heart, I am determined & passionate about my work. Three things that describe me best are Coffee lover, travel freak and everything that surrounds the word “Mystery”.
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Khushboo Gulabani

Software Engineer and certified digital marketer, a perfect blend of both tech and marketing who loves playing guitar in free time. I aspire to see the whole world, being a passionate wanderer, who wants to pursue travel blogging in near future as her hobby.
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Varsha Vipra

Although having done masters in English my first love has always been my mother tongue i.e. Marathi. Reading & creative writing are my passions. Writing on social media helped me find my career path when I was a homemaker. I work on copy & content writing, social media handling, and client coordination.
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Vikram Purohit

Ambitious and result driven candidate with good knowledge of the market and its products coupled with an astute business acumen with logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives while being determined and decisive.
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David Raj

Hi, my name is David Raj and I’m a Graphic Designer with almost a decade’s experience in design. I like ideating and creating designs that speak to the audience. I believe every piece of design is a work of art. I take on each project as a challenge and I immensely enjoy my work
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Shashank Patankar

Shashank Patankar has 5 years of experience in web development, using WordPress, html/CSS, and Jquery based platforms. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Software Development. Creating responsive and dynamic websites, customizing modules and setting up scalable servers is his forte. A humble and a positive person, unwinds himself by listening[...]
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Madhurita M

Read a book or two and successfully conned the world into believing I’m a writer.
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