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Abhishek Pawar

Transforming every footage to create something new is what I love and it’s what I do every day.
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Rathi Iyer

A Marketing professional with hands-on experience in brand building across various categories, I am rooted in building trusted relationships with clients and establishing my team as a reliable point of contact and a knowledgeable resource. Observing the world, I am always on the go in identifying the right questions to ask; a process that answers[...]
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Rushikesh Surve

An accidental writer who once wanted to be a company secretary. But life has its plans. Anyway! A Football lover and a part-time bike mechanic. Love spending time on the river banks and in my backyard garage. I believe learning new skills and letting go of things will keep your BP normal.
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Sonia Bhanushali

Sonia is a Management Graduate starting and paving her way in the field of digital marketing. Some of her business process knowledge includes client management, market analysis and various marketing operational processes.
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Bhoomi Kamlesh Panchal

To communicate and to comprehend is what I live for. And sometimes when I not listening to my client’s briefing their requirements, I write poems and watch some political documentaries.
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Gaurav Dhingra

Gaurav Dhingra is a Marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in working with prestigious brands such as Bharti- Walmart, Opera, Vivo, Optel, and Hexagon. He believes in ‘measurable is manageable’ approach to business; this helps him deliver the highest possible ROI to clients. When not working, he loves to cook.
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Payal Vora

Doctor turned content manager, I love to play around with new ideas that resonate with people. In other activities, I am a jack of a lot of trades and master of few, like singing, dancing and writing (songs and poems)!
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Bharti Udasi

A graduate in Mass Media, Bharti is a sarcastic and the youngest in the team. When she isn’t working, she is usually found writing poems and performing them in poetry slams across Mumbai. She also does Graphology and is a part time Make-up artist. With her varied interests, this feminist lady defines travelling in books[...]
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Khushboo Gulabani

Software Engineer and certified digital marketer, a perfect blend of both tech and marketing who loves playing guitar in free time. I aspire to see the whole world, being a passionate wanderer, who wants to pursue travel blogging in near future as her hobby.
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