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Consumers love voice search. From telling Alexa to turn on the lights to asking Google where the nearest pizza place is, voice technology has rapidly evolved from being a novel function into an essential tool. By 2020, half of all online searches will be voice-activated. To date, Amazon has sold more than 100 million smart speakers and Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and Echo Show, while the number of Google Home devices in use currently exceeds 50 million. Voice is now mainstream — it’s built into our televisions, serving as the virtual concierge in hotels, and helping university students navigate their class schedules.

Add to that the growing number of vehicles with integrated voice technology and the multi-billion worldwide smartphone market, and it’s easy to see why Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is critical for companies that want to establish and maintain a meaningful online presence.

As a voice search marketing agency, we develop and execute high-quality voice search optimization and marketing strategies for smart voice devices and platforms including:

  • Google Home, Google Mini, and Google Max
  • Amazon’s Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Look
  • All iOS-enabled devices
  • Windows Cortana
  • Android
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