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Tools to help you promote your content

Below are some useful online tools to help you optimize your content and make it relevant for your target market:

1.Facebook ads

Facebook is a really good platform for you to promote your content. Having a vast reach covering versatile groups of people, Facebook helps you to select your desired target market. They have recently come up with a ‘boost post’ button which can make your task easier. Facebook also helps you to analyze which posts are getting higher views.


BuzzSumo is a tool which will help you find similar articles or blogs that are popular or trending. It can also help you in finding potential viewers.

3.Meet Edgar

This amazing tool helps you to schedule an automated queue of contents that never runs out. The content will be automatically posted on the scheduled date. It will keep publishing your contents if you are late in updating your content or run out of content.


Ahrefs helps you to analyze your competitors’ contents and you can find people who are linking to their content. You can ask them to promote yours too.

5.If This Then That (IFTTT) and Zapier

These are very useful tools that will help you to automate certain workflows. They also help you to connect different sites, apps and services from different domains which are monitored and set to trigger by specific changes in them.

6.Broken Links

You could even go after broken links which your potential viewers are searching for. There are various broken link checkers available on Google. You can find relevant broken links by using these checkers and track its publishers. You can then send those publishers a message stating that you have a similar post covering that topic and they can add your link instead of the broken one.

7. Sniply

Sniply is a tool which will help you enhance the links that you share. You can add your Sniply link of a particular domain or page which will directly send your viewers to that page.