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PPC means a Pay Per Click, an easy and effective option to increase the web search results. A paid form of search that offers quick results when brands need more visitors to their website. In this process, brands pay for a set of keywords that costs them on a per-click basis. The cost per click is ever increasing due to solid online competitions in paid advertising.

It is better if brands hire a professional PPC agency for their job. Mumbai being the hub of digital media, so selecting an agency from the region will make our clients task easier with affordable negotiable rates PPC gives your outright results, considered to be the best advantage. Results are seen in 24 to 48 hours, and can be targeted as well as measured.

The quick-producing nature of PPC makes it the desired option and is worth every penny. Brands get to choose their target and amount of desired coverage. We being a search engine marketing company in Mumbai, consider the brand guidelines and category and plan out the perfect PPC accordingly. We choose the perfect keyword and reach the right target audience.

So how exactly do we do it?

We find the exact keywords that our clients need to get their brand identified. Then we oversee the number of visitors and engagements on the website. We configure the ad setting for optimum results and at last, initiating the PPC to boost the entire process We ensure our clients a productive result always, by making our clients more visible and accessible online With PPC our clients have more grip over the website traffic generation process. Don’t misunderstand PPC with SEO. PPC can be launched fasters, can bring targeted traffic and trusted leads to your website. Whereas SEO is organic to reach the target audiences

Difference between PPC and SEO

Seo and PPC are the Part of SEM tool which can be used to run 360 degree internet marketing campaigns.

Here are some difference Between PPC and SEO


  1. Not free, as the name says you have to pay per click
  2. Can get your ad on the first page pay spending higher PPC
  3. Easy and fast comparatively
  4. cost of payment depends on clicks
  5. Better results comparatively


  1. Free Lead generation tool
  2. Helps you to get your website at first page positions with managing keywords
  3. Slow and requires effort comparatively
  4. Free of cost
  5. Not as effective as PPC