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Get your business the power of Email Marketing

Turn email marketing into a lead- and revenue-generating resource with Beeing Social, an email marketing agency with 9+ years of experience. Receive a full-service solution that includes developing, implementing, and managing your email strategy, as well as measuring its impact on lead generation, sales, and revenue. Keep reading to learn more or request a proposal now! Email marketing is a smart investment to spread the word

Whether you’re a manufacturing company or a local restaurant, you can use email marketing to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Send promotional emails, monthly newsletters, and more to keep consumers and business buyers interested in your brand and primed to buy your products or services.

Results of our email marketing agency

With our email marketing agency, your business can take full advantage of email marketing. Save yourself time (and your company resources) by allowing our dedicated specialists to build, develop, launch, and manage a custom email marketing strategy for your company. When it comes to email marketing firms, you can trust Being Social.

Fulfil all your business needs with full-service email marketing.

Nothing — that’s what you have to worry about when partnering with Beeing Social for email marketing. With our full-service solutions, you can focus on the tasks that need your attention and allow our email marketing firm to take care of building, managing, and implementing your email campaigns.

With our fully-managed email marketing services, for example, you’ll receive:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom email marketing strategy
  • Custom email template design
  • Email creation, from content to design
  • Email distribution through your preferred platform, from MailChimp to Constant Contact
  • Email subscriber management and segmentation
  • Split testing, including for email lists and subject lines
  • Regular reports, including for lead generation
  • Conversion tracking, plus call tracking
  • And more

What types of mails do we craft?


Welcome emails

Welcome emails are a great way to show your audience that you’ve received their request to opt in to your emails and that you’re excited to have them as a part of your subscriber list.


"Complete your order!” emails

These are known as cart abandonment emails, and they can help you to finally close the sale that never made it to the conversion stage.


Promotional emails

We all know how excited we get when our favorite clothing store releases a new collection, or our favorite car brand releases a new model.


We haven’t seen you in a while!” emails

These emails let previous customers know that they’re still on your list and entice them with new products and special offers.


Weekly or monthly newsletters

One of the most common ways to stay in touch with your subscriber list is with weekly or monthly newsletters.