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You just name it, our bees have already worked on it!

Consumers like the brands that connect with them on the daily basis, that comes back to them even after the end of purchasing. Every brand needs a strategy that turns the consumer’s heads towards it. We thoroughly research the target audiences for their behavior, preferences. It helps us discover new insights of the target audience to form effective social media plans that promise results and nothing else.

What do we do:


Social engagement

Instagram filters, Facebook apps

Apps like Instagram and Facebook have become a hive for all the brands to reach their audiences.  Hence such apps behold the utmost potentials along with tools by which they can conquer their agendas.


Polls, contest & surveys

We can create mini-apps that can run on Facebook and other platforms about specific surveys and contests.


Social marketing Plans

Social marketing has become a pillar for increasing search results, we present you best plans with our mastery at our disposal.


Social analytics

Gathering essential data from a competitor and our activities to form an effective spendings and resources and results. Aids to invest resources in the next campaign


Data minings

Collecting essential contacts and databases for future campaigns for better understanding and segregating the target audience by age, gender, and email parameters.


Community Development

We provide not just out writing performing campaigns but also plans that help our brands build a community where their customers relate to each other.


Viral video strategy

We create interactive video content with insightful concepts with 2d and  3D technology, typography, line art. We make videos content in various fields, to name a few; Sports, animations, educational, etc. Covering all types of video films like Live action, Animated Videos, tutorials, Stop motion, Tutorial videos, timelapse, etc.


Influencer Contacts

Our bees maintain good contacts with influencer bees, help you choose perfect brand ambassadors by cracking great contracts.


Making it viral!

Our skilled marketing bee shows their talent of making brand videos go viral, touching every new way for the best reach across the market.

Where do we go?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.