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It is a website management tool that comes under Google Marketing Platform. It assists the brands with the information regarding their website visitors and mobile app users. It has become a crucial wing in the digital marketing process without which accurate decisions can not be taken for the brands. Nowadays, mobile is the best way to connect with customers to expand the business. To assure the mobile app is used to its optimum, Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics play an important role to monitor the success.

We have Expert GA Bees to help you manage your website, train your employees if needed. Your GA Bees are always open for consultation on your ongoing Apps and Website to help you reap maximum returns.


A Free Tool

The first and foremost benefit of Google Analytics is That charges you nothing. Whereas other analytics in the market give the same tool but at premium subscriptions.


Google Ads Support

Google Analytics can be linked to Google ads helps your brands to accurately set goal tracking, conversation tracking to check the performance of the campaign. This integration is best for those who are looking to grow their business.


Visitor Segmentation

Google Analytics allows you to segregate visitors In many categories such as location, the device used, gender, time spent on each page, demographics, visitors who came to the site at a particular time, etc. This information helps to optimize the campaign to bring more traffic to the website.


Goal Set Up

Google Analytics offers options to set required settings that are in sync with the marketing strategy. For example, if we want to check how many visitors have clicked on a particular CTA button, assuming clicks on the button is the goal Google Analytics will provide a separate report regarding the number of clicks. It helps to run campaigns with unique goals.


Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics also offers the ability to fix events as conversions so that you can track them whenever they happen. E.g, assume that our process is to place lead in the website, so the keas generation event is set as an event and can be monitored separately. It benefits to calculate the ROI and campaign performance


Customized Automated Reports

The marketing team’s decisions are always backed by reports. Google Analytics offers customized report templates for every day or week or month and sends them regularly. No daily manual check is needed to check the website traffic. In the report, IP addresses will not be available, due to privacy norms.

What do we offer?

Proper Process

By now you must be thinking, Google Analytics is a simple and straightforward process. By most, it isn’t set up properly. Our certified GA Bees set up and supervise the entire process to get the job done correctly. For us, quality and elegance at work matter the most.

Strategy and Implementation

We craft an absolute spot-on strategy relating to the business and its purpose. Our strategy is backed by current business reports to analyze the captured data to make perfect decisions for your brand.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor the data collected by your google analytics and create accurate reports to provide you an insightful report to uplift your business.


Optimization is the key to keeping your business on top. We ensure your all the process is updated and settings are a place for optimum results.