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Chatbots automate conversations with users with conversational AI and facilitate customer communication till they reach a person for assistance. Chatbots are software programs that employ artificial intelligence and language generation and interpretation to comprehend what a human wants and direct them to their desired goal with the least amount of effort on their part. For your customer experience touchpoints, it’s like having a virtual assistant. A chatbot uses pre-existing conversational data to comprehend the nature of questions individuals tend to have and then analyze the accurate answers to the same. These chatbots then use machine learning to improve at generating better answers and facilitate conversations.

A marketing chatbot interacts and converts clients on their preferred channel and at their preferred time at scale. A marketing chatbot, in a nutshell, helps customers, personalizes experiences, makes recommendations, and promotes business outcomes.

Benefits of Chatbots:


Enhanced Engagement

Chatbots are crucial to accelerating your business further. They rapidly increase the rate of conversation on your website. Customers can interact with marketing bots via websites, smartphone applications, and social media pages. Customers are engaged when they receive urgent attention, are guided through shopping experiences, have queries answered, and are recommended products.


Strengthen Database

The customers using the chatbots tend to leave information about themselves and some chatbots to enable you to collect data on your audience. This information is a tremendous help to analyze the demographics and generate more targeted marketing strategies.


Personalized Customer Experience

Chatbot marketing uses a feedback-driven strategy to customize the consumer experience. Customers can use chatbots to learn more about your company and its products. Then they ask customers what they’re interested in and suggest items, articles, or even additional data boost your brand’s value.


Improve ROI

Chatbots have a good return on investment. Increase consumer engagement, optimize the e-commerce marketing funnel, improve the customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage using e-commerce chatbots.

At Beeing Social, we have learned and grasped the necessity for chatbots for companies today, and we can assist you in developing a variety of chatbots for businesses that can successfully execute a variety of activities and allow you to engage effectively with your clients. With Whatsapp bots, AI chatbots, and chatbots online, we make sure that your customer service requests aren’t going unanswered, highlight FAQs, and increase sales.


  • 60% of millennials say they have used chatbots. 70% of them say they had a positive experience.
  • Virtual customer assistants help organizations reduce by 70% call, chat and email inquiries.
  • 57% of executives said that chatbots bring significant ROI with minimal effort.
  • 4 Billion people are using messaging apps and are eager to communicate with chatbots.
  • 55% of consumers are willing to interact with a business via messaging apps to solve a problem.
  • There are over 300 000 chatbots on Messenger.