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    What is Performance Marketing?

    Strategic Impact that Drives Conversions

    Performance marketing is a broad term in digital marketing that is used to refer to online marketing programs and advertising campaigns, where advertisers pay marketing companies or publishers only when a specific action is completed. These actions can be a sale, lead, or click.

    Unlike traditional and organic marketing, performance marketing focuses on tracking and measuring actions to attribute the ROI of each asset, campaign, or activity. This type of marketing ensures that the marketing budget is well-spent, as the marketer only pays when they reach their desired goal.

    In performance marketing, the marketer pays to access a specific audience and compensates the platform or publisher (such as Facebook) to host their marketing efforts. For example, the marketer pays the platform every time a user clicks on their ad hosted on the platform.

    Case Study


    Beeing Social’s collaboration with Being Human for #BhaiKaBirthday not only amplified foot traffic to brand stores but also catalyzed a surge in website sales. The campaign, celebrating Salman Khan’s birthday, showed our ability to make brands more visible, engage customers in-store, and increase online profits.

    Time: 1 Week

    Sale: 2.05 Cr

    Spend: 20 lakhs

    ROAS: 9x


    Through targeted strategies, we successfully enhanced the brand’s visibility and increased online sales, showcasing our expertise in creating impactful marketing solutions.

    Time: 1 Month

    Sale: 8 Lakhs

    Spend: 1.7 Lakhs

    ROAS: 3.5x

    From Brand awareness to product considerations, our strategic initiatives successfully increased visibility and captured consumer interest, highlighting our proficiency in enhancing brand presence and social media engagement.

    Time: 1 Month

    Spend: 50,000

    Reach: 2,473,623

    Cost Per Engagement: 0.07


    Our focused approach not only boosted visibility but also translated into tangible results, showcasing our ability to enhance brand recognition and drive meaningful online conversions.

    Time: 3 Months

    Spend: 1,80,000

    Sale: 30,00,000

    ROAS: 15x


    Through impactful marketing efforts, we successfully elevated brand awareness and generated a significant boost in sales.

    Time: 3 Months

    Spends: 2,00,000

    Sale: 5,00,000

    ROAS: 2x


    Our adept approach to driving user engagement and expanding brand visibility in the competitive digital landscape successfully achieved a notable increase in app installations while simultaneously elevating awareness of the product.

    Time: 1 Month

    Spend: 25,000

    Installs: 1000

    Cost per install: 25 Rs

    Benefits of Performance Marketing

    Unlock the Power of Performance Marketing

    Performance marketing offers several benefits for businesses looking to maximize their marketing efforts through digital marketing services and achieve specific objectives. Here are some key benefits:

    Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness

    Performance advertising allows you to reach a larger audience faster than organic strategies. It can advertise your goods or services in strategic locations. Because they provide exact segmentation, high-performance marketing channels also allow marketers to target the most relevant audience.

    Targetted advertising

    Targeted Advertising

    Performance marketing enables targeted audience targeting based on demographics, behaviours, interests, and other factors. This personalised strategy makes marketing communications more relevant, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

    Easily trackable performance

    Easily Trackable Performance

    Performance-based marketing is more measurable than brand marketing, which focuses on spreading a company’s message and experience.

    Performance marketers can quickly monitor the whole click-to-consume path of each consumer, evaluate which channels and marketing efforts create the greatest results, and design a better marketing funnel for the next campaign with the aid of analytics tools.

    Measurable ROI

    Measurable ROI

    Performance marketing is fundamentally focused on outcomes. Advertisers only pay when a desired action is achieved, making calculating the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing campaign easy. This accountability provides a clear picture of the cost-effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

    cost efficency

    Cost Efficiency

    Advertisers can better allocate their resources since they pay for particular activities. This cost-effective methodology guarantees that marketing expenditure is linked to measurable results, reducing waste on failed techniques.

    Services Offered in Performance Marketing

    Transforming Your Business with High-Performance Marketing Strategies

    Performance marketing offers a range of services and strategies that aim to achieve measurable results and, maximize return on investment (ROI).
    Here are some key services offered by us:

    Search engine marketing

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    This involves paid search advertising (PPC) where advertisers bid on keywords to display ads in search engine results. They pay when users click on their ads.

    Social media marketing

    Social Media Advertising

    Our Social Media Advertising includes platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. These ads are targeted based on user demographics and interests.

    Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Advertisers partner with affiliates who promote their products or services and earn a commission for each sale or lead generated through their referral.

    Email marketing

    Email Marketing

    This is a targeted email campaign aimed at nurturing leads, promoting products, and encouraging specific actions, such as making a purchase or visiting a website.

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Our Content Marketing services involve the creation and promotion of content, including articles, blog posts, videos, and infographics, to attract and engage a target audience.

    Display marketing

    Display Advertising

    Banner ads and visual content are displayed on websites, often using targeting and retargeting strategies to reach specific audiences.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Optimization of website elements and user experience to increase the likelihood of visitors taking desired actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.



    This involves displaying targeted ads to users who have previously visited a website but did not complete a desired action, aiming to re-engage and encourage conversion.

    Analytics and Dat

    Analytics and Data Analysis

    This involves utilizing tools and analytics platforms to track and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, providing insights for optimization.



    Targeting specific geographic locations with tailored marketing messages, offers, and promotions.

    These services are often integrated into holistic performance marketing campaigns, and the choice of services depends on the specific goals and target audience of the advertiser. The emphasis is always on measurable outcomes and optimizing strategies based on real-time data and performance metrics.

    Here’s Why Your Business Needs Performance Marketing

    Your Chance to Innovate, Captivate, Convert

    Performance marketing is crucial for your business due to its measurable results, cost efficiency, targeted approach, and adaptability, providing a competitive edge and optimizing return on investment in the dynamic digital landscape.

    When you deal with us, you have a full team of professionals working on your business that can benefit significantly from performance marketing for several compelling reasons:

    • Improved ROI
    •  Cost-Efficiency
    • Global Reach
    • Targeted Advertising
    • Enhanced Customer Insights
    • Scalability
    • Enhanced Accountability and Transparency
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    Performance marketing is an online advertising approach where advertisers pay based on specific actions, such as clicks, leads, or sales. This approach allows for measurable results and a clear return on investment.

    Unlike traditional marketing, performance marketing focuses on measurable outcomes and pay-per-performance. This means that advertisers only pay for actual results achieved through their campaigns.

    Performance marketing utilizes various digital channels, including search engine marketing (SEM), social media advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and display advertising.

    Success is measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on investment (ROI). These metrics provide insights into campaign effectiveness.

    Data is central to performance marketing, facilitating real-time analytics, audience segmentation, and campaign optimization. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior and helps refine targeting strategies.

    Performance marketing is scalable and cost-effective, making it accessible for small businesses. It allows precise targeting, measurable results, and the flexibility to adapt strategies based on budget constraints.

    Remarketing involves targeting ads at users who have previously interacted with a website but did not complete a desired action. It aims to re-engage and convert these users by displaying tailored ads.

    Yes, performance marketing is versatile and applicable to both B2B and B2C businesses. It offers targeted solutions for lead generation, sales, and brand awareness across various industries and customer segments.