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Bees that handle your online reputation with ease.

Our ORM Bees are always ready with their amazing online reputation management tools to keep the brand’s image in a good book always. We consider it as our first priority. Online Reputation management (ORM) consists of constantly updating and maintaining a good image of a brand which ultimately results in potential customers believing in the value proposition which leads to the purchase . A great (ORM) team can create wonders for the brand and it’s business. Makes it an essential process to boost the business through online by eliminating and solving all the negative input on social media handles.


Opinion mining

It is called opinion mining because in this process we analyze the feelings, to derive an insight of how people respond to a certain brand.


Hearing the audience

We think it’s essential to know what audiences talk about the brand on all the digital platforms. The knowledge aids us to create accurate analysis to form new ad campaigns and reverts.


Tracking the word

We enable the brands the conversation tracking software to understand the level and type of response received from the audience.


Sorting the demographics

We help our brands with data segmentation in terms of gender, age and regional details of the community or people involved in targeted communication.


Brand perception is everything

Our ORM Bees are always on their toes to keep the brand’s image positive on social media platforms. Refining and directing all the content which is uploaded on the web.