How #DhadakWithHaldirams created “Zingaat” on Social Media


Haldiram’s Nagpur needs no introduction, as it is one of India’s most trusted and favorite food brands.


Beeing Social


Haldiram’s Nagpur associated with Dharma Productions and Zee Studios, for the movie Dhadak. To promote their association, they launched a limited edition special “Haldiram’s Dhadak Pack” in the market, which had 3 of the most popular Haldiram’s products in one pack at a special price. Also, included in the box, was a special scratch card with a unique code, which would give the buyer a chance to meet & greet the star cast of Dhadak or win free movie tickets.


To create a buzz about the association with Dhadak was one of the core objectives. Promoting the special edition pack to induce sales and to increase page engagement was also an additional goal.


It was a cross platform campaign, run on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign was rolled out with a teaser post to generate curiosity among fans, as Haldiram’s has associated with many mega blockbusters in the past as well. Following which, a special teaser made exclusively for Haldiram’s was published. With the help of some paid promotion, it was an instant hit with about 2M PEOPLE REACHED and about 100K LIKES AND ENGAGEMENTS.

With that, was commenced #DhadakWithHaldirams campaign. Fun, engaging posts were created to shoot up user engagement, interspersed with contests, to ensure maximum participation in the campaign. Memes, videos and posts were created for dynamicity in the content.

Simultaneously, Haldiram’s Dhadak Pack was promoted in a smart undertone, by creating an association between the product and the movie.

Contests were held with special giveaways, to create an additional impact and promote the box.


The entire campaign reached more than 3.5M people across all the platforms.

Total engagement cross platform was close to 450K, including likes, comments and shares.