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Looking to kick your brand value up a notch? We, Beeing Social bees, ensure to optimize the power of ‘online’. We assist you in increasing your brand value and up-scaling your sales by many folds. We serve as your one-point contact to give you the best visibility, your brand deserves in this world of online retailing. Our range of services include:

1) Imaging

Showcasing your product is a growth pillar, leading to good sales volume. E-commerce photography plays a big role to win your customer’s loyalty. Our experts help you to create & enhance the look of your catalog to boost your online sales.

2) Cataloging

In this fast-growing online market, it is very important for your product to stand-out and be easily discoverable. Opting for expert e-commerce product catalog service will help you to win customer’s engagement and boost sales volume.

3) Listing on marketplaces

We are a one-stop shop to get your business onboard, ensuring to avoid all hurdles to online selling. We ease out the visibility of your brand and list it on top E-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay to name a few.

4) E-commerce sales boosting

We have intensive and dedicated e-commerce solution service wherein we focus on increasing the sales and health of your account that will eventually lead to desired goals. Some of the ways that can boost your revenue are:

  • High volume order processing
  • Multiple payment options
  • E-mail marketing and newsletters
  • Experts and consultants available for advice


5) Pricing

Price has been named as the most influencing factor, affecting the online purchasing decision by the 60% of all online shoppers worldwide. We have in-house e-commerce website development experts to help e-commerce companies gear up with their pricing operations & utilize pricing both as a marketing weapon and a conversion rate optimizer.

6) Customer service

In this era where start-ups and taking the world by storm, customer retention & brand loyalty has become a new marketing strategy. 25% to 40% of the total revenues come from the returning customers. Our strong IT competence ensures seamless order flow resulting in customer satisfaction. Happy and satisfied customers ensure that they buy again, leading to boost in the sales.

7) Reviews

Having your business on an online platform will allow you to reach new customers, drive traffic to your website and eventually increase sales. But in order to attract new customers & to retain the existing ones, you need to have a proper system to manage & respond to the reviews. Our management team experts will evaluate your online presence & implement a review management strategy to take your business to next level.

8) Packaging & Designing

Packaging and designing reflect your thoughtful innovative ideas & care for your customers. Creating an unboxing experience for your product with the visually stunning package will attract more attention. We shape a brand’s perception into an eye-catching design using a creative resonance of user-centric design and technology to create value for our clients and let their product stand out.

9) Logo and Identity creation

Your brand identity reflects your brand’s value to your targeted customers, easing out your efforts on connecting with the right audience. We create a unique identity that makes your brand value standout & also promote your brand. Our creative team builds you a logo which you can own and defines your brand.

10) Workshops & Advisory

Our business analytics team give you insights into market trends & consumer behaviour which in-turn helps to determine future demands and drifts in consumer behaviour. We conduct workshops to give you a brief study of the target audience to understand their buying pattern & other driving factors attracting more customers and generating higher revenues.

11) Logistics Consultation

A delayed shipping is one of the leading cause of customer dissatisfaction in the world of e-commerce. The order needs to reach in its best condition in the shortest possible time. Having a right logistic partner help to enhance customer’s experience & in-turn boost the brand trust in their eyes. Beeing Social specializes in logistic consultation, to help the business meet their customer’s changing demands, by showcasing the right kind of logistic partner.

12) Purpose Crafting

Brand Purpose is an ownable, actionable impact your brand will make on the lives of your target consumers, rooted in a fundamental insight. It resides at the intersection of what your brand offers the world and your consumer’s deepest cares and desires.