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With the increasing number of smartphones, WhatsApp has become one of the most upcoming tools for marketing.

There have been some efforts by marketers to tap this potential but we at being social provide an innovative way to use WhatsApp. with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users of this platform WhatsApp is nowhere to go in the coming years

We at being social provide 2 kinds of services for WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp Push Services

WhatsApp bulk messaging service that allows you to push rich content to millions of WhatsApp users from our sharply targeted audience database.

We use virtual numbers to mass deliver highly personalized content to your target audience.

You can use this service to deliver Pictures, Videos, Files, Infographics, PDFs and Text messages. Etc.

with a well-defined targeting persona across India, we can target any kind of demographics and psychographics across India.

2. WhatsApp Based Chabot’s

A platform that empowers brands to be friends with their audience on WhatsApp and interact in highly personalized manner.

It is a platform that delivers branded content to the customers in the form of automated WhatsApp Conversation.

How can brands use this service?

Brands can promote a unique number as their WhatsApp touch point and become friends with their audience on WhatsApp. This is also known as WhatsApp advertising.

With a predefined content structure, brand can deliver content in a variety of formats (Text/Image/ Link/ Videos/ Conversation).

FMCG brands have used this platform for promotions, engagement, research, sampling, content marketing etc.

WhatsApp makes it effortless for the consumers to participate with the brand in a highly personalized manner where their privacy is intact.

SMS Marketing

More than 95% of people carry cell phones today. Every other minute, a message is checked and SMS also meaning – messaging is a technique where the marketing is done through the form of ‘short message service – SMS’.

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