3 Simple Content Marketing Strategies

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3 Simple Content Marketing Strategies

Having a clear marketing strategy set in place will give you a clear vision of your goal and will help you stick to your campaign plan and be successful. Here are three strategies to help you along the way.

1. Posting less content on Facebook will get you more viewership

Having fewer and good quality articles will help you get more traffic. Posting a lot of content will exhaust your viewers and eventually decrease your desirability. People often calculate the credibility of a site on the ratio of good content to bad ones. Hence, having less yet good quality content will increase your site’s credibility and improve your viewership. Your viewers will also be motivated to check out your personal blogs and different domains that you post on.

2.Content Re-usage Workflow

Content re-usage workflow is one of the most cost efficient and versatile strategies you could use. What it entails is that you can reuse your available content and convert them into different formats. For example, if you have an article published on your blog, you could make an infographic video on it or make a podcast out of it. This strategy will help you in broadening your field and capturing viewership from more versatile demographs. It also makes your work a lot easier and will help you provide viewers with quality content. You could use workflow tools like Gliffy or Google Workflow Tool for more professional input.

3.Track your viewership with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service by Google which helps you analyze the reception and pattern of your website traffic. You could use it to track the entry points which are causing conversion in your traffic. You can then use Google Search Console to track the keywords on the blogs that have the highest traffic that are causing conversion and add on to them to make your blog even more appealing. This way you are fueling the blogs or pages that are converting into sales.

The main goal for you should be to increase your traffic conversion so that you make more sales and get more revenue.