How to Attract More Readers When Your Blog isn’t Doing Very Well

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How to Attract More Readers When Your Blog isn’t Doing Very Well

A human’s attention span lasts for about 8-10 seconds. If you cannot engage their attention, you will lose your viewers.

There can be multiple factors contributing to their decision. The quality of the content, the topic and how relevant it is to them. If you write about the same stuff that everyone is writing, you will tire them out. Your content needs to be precise, entertaining and at the same time unique.

Even your headline contributes to who actually reads your blog. About 80% of your viewers will see your headline and only 20% of those will actually read it. Headlines matter as they introduce your viewers to the content it entails and what it has to offer. You can use online tools like Copyblogger headline formula or Portent headline generator that will help you to come up with interesting headlines.

People look for a content to read because they seek certain information or direction pertaining to a topic. Find out what your specific audience is looking for and provide them that information. This way, your content will have higher value to your readers.

You can take help of online tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs that will help you to analyze the contents of your competitors and the preference of your viewers. Analyze them; see how they write their blogs and what kind of an interface they use. Add your own touch to it and create a piece that will be appreciated by your audience.

Make sure that you create quality content. Don’t run towards creating gigantic piles of content, but create a few exceptional ones that your viewers will appreciate.

Promoting your content is also an integral part of how your content is received. You need to broadcast and let people know about your content or it will be dissolved with its ambiguity and receive no views. You can use BuzzSumo to find out the most popular content on the basis of your topic and find out who shared or linked to it. You can personally email them and ask to share your content too.