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Tips to Boost ROI

Site links are not discussed enough when it comes to increasing the ROI, and we cannot stress enough on their importance here. The more site links you have, obviously, the better your ROI will be. You can add links to case studies that readers will be interested in, or links to other pages on your[...]
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Explaining Negative SEO

When someone tries to lower your rankings, it is referred to as negative SEO. It does not include lowering of your website’s ranking due to some competitor’s website but when someone purposely tries to bring your website down through bad tactics. An example of this is when someone links a porn or a casino website[...]
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Things You Must Know About Facebook ads

Facebook ads are very popular and effective, and a great way for marketers to reach targeted masses. They are quick and an easy way to increase brand awareness and make your product or service reach the public. Here we will talk about a few basic things to keep in mind while working on Facebook ads[...]
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How To Make Your Content More Appealing

Content marketing isn’t comprised of just blog postings and articles. You can use different formats of representation to deliver Ways To Make Your Content More Appealingyour content more interestingly. Make them into an infographic or visually appealing videos. For example, Squatty Potty spent about $600,000 on a funny commercial of a unicorn pooping rainbow ice-cream[...]
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3 Simple Content Marketing Strategies

Having a clear marketing strategy set in place will give you a clear vision of your goal and will help you stick to your campaign plan and be successful. Here are three strategies to help you along the way. 1. Posting less content on Facebook will get you more viewership Having fewer and good quality[...]
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Online Reputation Management Best Practices

Ever since the concept of “Relationship Management” became widely popular not just in the service industry, but also all other businesses, big or small, it has been the centre of every marketing strategy. Additionally, with the massive load of information available online about every single thing in the world, it has become even more crucial[...]
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The Avengers and Social Media

I am a Social Media professional, and a hardcore Avengers fan. So, I wondered – which Social Media site could be compared to which Avenger hero? Valid question, don’t you think? So here’s a small article comparing the qualities of these websites with the super heroes. The Hulk as Facebook The Hulk is the big[...]
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What should you do to promote your content?

One thing you can do when starting out with blogs is that you can find other bloggers in your space and ask them to promote your blogs. Contrary to common belief, there are some bloggers willing to promote the content of other bloggers of the same niche. You can even pay them for promoting your[...]
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