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Tools to help you promote your content

Below are some useful online tools to help you optimize your content and make it relevant for your target market: 1.Facebook ads Facebook is a really good platform for you to promote your content. Having a vast reach covering versatile groups of people, Facebook helps you to select your desired target market. They have recently[...]
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Online Reputation Management Best Practices

Ever since the concept of “Relationship Management” became widely popular not just in the service industry, but also all other businesses, big or small, it has been the centre of every marketing strategy. Additionally, with the massive load of information available online about every single thing in the world, it has become even more crucial[...]
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The Avengers and Social Media

I am a Social Media professional, and a hardcore Avengers fan. So, I wondered – which Social Media site could be compared to which Avenger hero? Valid question, don’t you think? So here’s a small article comparing the qualities of these websites with the super heroes. The Hulk as Facebook The Hulk is the big[...]
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What Matters the most – Quality or Quantity?

As far as blogs going on the website is considered, there are two distinct belief systems among marketers. Some believe in Quality, while some believe in Quantity. Whilst quality is always the foundation for effective content strategy, quantity too has a major impact on practical grounds. Take for ex., Hubspot, which garners nearly 6 million[...]
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