Things You Must Know About Facebook ads

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Things You Must Know About Facebook ads

Facebook ads are very popular and effective, and a great way for marketers to reach targeted masses. They are quick and an easy way to increase brand awareness and make your product or service reach the public. Here we will talk about a few basic things to keep in mind while working on Facebook ads and get the most out of them.

Since the time Facebook released the feature, it has come a long way. Facebook ads have become more efficient and target-specific. With various tools and features provided by the social media giant, you can expect to reach any group of people around the world. You can easily display your ads to those who are active members or followers of your pages, or those who even share your links.

Even though you may have seen competitors using a variety of forms for ads, the most engaging of them has to be video ads. An added advantage to this is that you can save cost by making simple effective videos instead of investing resources to make an over-the-top video which essentially has the same message. A simple video will generate more clicks and engagement than a written post containing a lot of text and will cost you less too if managed smartly. Tutorial videos are a great way to share critical information about your product and are very useful for answering customer questions. Additionally, tutorial videos or generic videos made with the help of your phone camera are easy to make and not too expensive!

However, don’t stick to only one kind of ad. You should shuffle between forms such as text, picture or video and choose the one that works best for your brand. There are many apps,  websites, and agencies that help you with creating engaging ads. They can also help you to brainstorm new ideas and let you know which ad ideas you should stay away from or make changes to in order to have a higher impact.

Once you have found what works for you and what is getting the most engagement, don’t spend all at once. Take it slow. A common mistake we all make initially is that we spend all the money at one go, once we see the ads generating leads. If you increase the amount slowly by 20-30% each day, at the end of your campaign you will have saved more money.

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