3 Steps to become a Creative Powerhouse

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3 Steps to become a Creative Powerhouse

If you want to become a Creative Powerhouse and increase the productivity of your own creative process, there are three things that can help.

First, be sensitive to your own experiences. Pay attention to how things make you think and feel .That’s how we distinguish from true insights. As Steve jobs put it , “The best designers are those ” who have thought more about their experiences than other people.” Similarly, the Disney process asks filmmakers to look inward. to think about their own emotions and experiences until they find answers that make imaginary characters come alive. Jerry Robbins pushed his West Side Story collaborators to put their own aspirations and emotions on the stage. Look to your own life as creative fodder, and broker your own experiences into the wider world.

Second, recognize that the panic and stress you feel as you try to create isn’t a sign that everything is falling apart. Rather, it’s the condition that helps make us flexible enough to seize something new. Creative desperation can be critical; anxiety is what often pushes us to see old ideas in new ways. The path out of that turmoil is to look at what you know, to reinspect conventions you’ve seen work and try to apply them to fresh problems. The creative pain should be embraced.

Finally, remember that the relief accompanying a creative break-through, while sweet, can also blind us to seeing alternatives. It is critical to maintain some distance from what we create. Without self-criticism, without tension, one idea can quickly crowd out competitors. But we can regain that critical distance by forcing ourselves to critique what we’ve already done, by making ourselves look at it from a completely different perspective, by changing the power dynamics in the room or giving new authority to someone who didn’t have it before. Disturbances are essential, and we retain clear eyes by embracing destruction and upheaval, as long as we’re sensitive to making the disturbance the right size.

There’s an idea that runs through these three lessons..

The Creative process is, in fact something that can be broken down and explained. That s important, because it means that anyone can become more creative; we can all become innovation brokers .we all have experiences and tools, disturbances and tensions that can make us into brokers—if, that is, we’re willing to embrace that desperation and upheaval and try to see our old ideas in new ways.

Creativity is just problem solving,” Henry Ford one said. “once people see it as problem solving, it stops seeming like magic,because, it’s not. Brokers are just people who pay more attention to what problems look like and how they’ve been solved before. People who are most creative are the ones who have learned that feeling scared is a good sign. We just have to learn how to trust ourselves enough to let the creativity out.”