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Method to calculate ROI on SEO

There are many organizations out there which do not tell their clients or customers about the ROI they will get. Actually, it is quite difficult to estimate. One can start by looking at the keyword volume. The number of keywords that you use can tell you where you stand. Look at your current ranking and[...]
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Does Involving SEO in a New Website a Good Thing?

If you are starting off a new website and are a beginner, it’s probably not a good idea to have an SEO. You would not be earning much to have someone for a new venture. But if you are someone who has developed quite a few websites and are remaking your website, then it is[...]
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7 Things to Include In Your Content Promotion Plan

Have a checklist ready Having a checklist makes it easy to identify and prepare for each step of your online promotion plan. Creating a checklist also makes it easier to allot tasks to team members and make sure that everyone is clear on what they have to do in terms of the project. Make a[...]
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Changes in the SEO market in 2019

The searching techniques are changing gradually. Due to this, SEOs have to be adjusted for getting better results for voice commands. Also, it can have a negative effect on your website since nobody is going to feel the necessity of visiting a website to search for something they want to learn about. Another thing which[...]
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