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How To Ensure Consistency in Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vast field with infinite topics to talk about. But as independent and exploratory as it is, content marketing can be tedious to stay consistent with in the long run. There are a couple of ways through which you can ensure that you don’t get stuck in that whirlpool of confusion. Set[...]
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How to Fix Declining Search Traffic

There can be various reasons for loss of traffic particularly when you haven’t changed anything in your content marketing plan. One reason could be the link algorithm which might be spamming or maybe your content is outdated and redundant. Another reason could be that the User experience of your website is not that great. One[...]
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How To Make Your Content More Appealing

Content marketing isn’t comprised of just blog postings and articles. You can use different formats of representation to deliver Ways To Make Your Content More Appealingyour content more interestingly. Make them into an infographic or visually appealing videos. For example, Squatty Potty spent about $600,000 on a funny commercial of a unicorn pooping rainbow ice-cream[...]
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Method to calculate ROI on SEO

There are many organizations out there which do not tell their clients or customers about the ROI they will get. Actually, it is quite difficult to estimate. One can start by looking at the keyword volume. The number of keywords that you use can tell you where you stand. Look at your current ranking and[...]
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Changes in the SEO market in 2019

The searching techniques are changing gradually. Due to this, SEOs have to be adjusted for getting better results for voice commands. Also, it can have a negative effect on your website since nobody is going to feel the necessity of visiting a website to search for something they want to learn about. Another thing which[...]
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