7 Things to Include In Your Content Promotion Plan

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7 Things to Include In Your Content Promotion Plan

  1. Have a checklist ready

Having a checklist makes it easy to identify and prepare for each step of your online promotion plan. Creating a checklist also makes it easier to allot tasks to team members and make sure that everyone is clear on what they have to do in terms of the project.

  1. Make a list of people you are reaching out to

Create a list of people you are going to email or you are reaching out to in your field of interest. Make sure you don’t spam them with continuously sending them promotional emails. Divide your audience on the basis of the content they prefer.

  1. Check your inventory

Check your inventory of tools which you will be using for your promotion. You can keep LastPass in your inventory which helps you to organize everything. Or try MeetEdgar which automatically posts your content on the basis of predetermined schedule.

  1. Set a time frame

There are certain high-traffic time slots during the day and week where your content gets the most traction. It varies across industries and you have to experiment with posting content at different times of the day and see how the audience reacts each time. Find a time slot that works for you and stick to it. Having a definite time for publishing also gives an idea to your readers as to when can they expect your next post.

  1. Paid advertisements

Paid advertisement is the best means of promotion. Select a few of your well received pieces on the basis of shares and conversion they have created and get them advertised on Facebook or any other social media platform.



  1. Manage your well received content

Find out the most appreciated pieces that you have published and keep working on them. Keep them updated from time to time to make sure that your information is relevant and credible. This way your traffic will keep pouring in.

  1. Analyze your results

Analyzing your results is a fundamental part of the process and it will lead you to ways in which you should improve your plans. It will also help you to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of your plan depending on each demographic of your audience.

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