Changes in the SEO market in 2019

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Changes in the SEO market in 2019

The searching techniques are changing gradually. Due to this, SEOs have to be adjusted for getting better results for voice commands. Also, it can have a negative effect on your website since nobody is going to feel the necessity of visiting a website to search for something they want to learn about.

Another thing which is trending is the Semantic Search. What is meant by this is that rather than searching for the keywords for getting results, we use the meaning of the search topic for better and more appropriate answers. For Example, the search results to the question, “What are Emotions” is going to emphasize on the content which can answer your question rather than just matching the keywords.


We are slowly and steadily heading towards a world of AI and automation and this is changing the way things are searched on the web. AI and semantics are coming together to create faster computation and processing. For example, Alexa as a product is really good but the voice device outranks it.


It can be noted that the mobile phone market is huge. As predicted,  every person now owns a Smartphone today. The search index in a mobile is different as compared to a desktop search. So far, we know that the voice command option is out there but it hasn’t been globally accepted by users yet. But with its advantages and ease of working, people are going to soon start using it for their day to day needs like booking an Ola or ordering food.


Hence it is important to be well-informed of the upcoming trends so that you are ready with your content and can jump in when the voice search is finally monetized. The key is to seek the right opportunity and offer the best solutions to the changes in the technology.