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Create Pinterest Ads that have high conversion

Here are a few tips to add that extra spark in your ads to win over all the viewers and get more conversions:

  1. Keywords play an important role with regards to online advertisements. If you don’t use the appropriate keywords, even the most thought out advertisements will not yield any desired results. When you are planning out an ad campaign for more than one type of  product, use different keywords for each product category. Make sure the keywords are what people generally search for online.
    One catch here is that even though Pinterest is working on bettering their search results, you can utilize the broad search keywords instead of the narrow and specific keywords. The more general keywords you add the better.
  2. Unlike on any other social media platform, on Pinterest, users pay more attention to the quality of your creatives than the keywords. So, even though the keywords drive people to your page, what will attract them is what you have put up on your advertisement. The visuals have more weight here than any other factor.
  3. Pinterest has Ads manager that will be a good source of information when it comes to finding the search words or keywords. Make use of that to get the best results.
  4. Exposure time that your pin is getting matters. But how will you increase it? Research suggests that pins which are longer from top to bottom and less wide, actually take up more space on Pinterest search results as it gets more visibility. In order to see the full post, the viewer has to scroll down. Thus spending more time on your pins.
  5. How can we forget to mention about Pinterest Analytics and interest targets? Utilize the analytics tools to find out how well your ads in the past have performed. Based on that information, you can check what your target audience likes, follows or pins often. Needless to say, analytics tools are a great way to make better choices the next time.

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