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Tips to Boost ROI

Site links are not discussed enough when it comes to increasing the ROI, and we cannot stress enough on their importance here. The more site links you have, obviously, the better your ROI will be. You can add links to case studies that readers will be interested in, or links to other pages on your website. The good thing is, they work the same way.

For providing a tailored experience, you can choose to make single keyword ad groups instead of keeping multiple keywords. You can use synonyms too! Thus, even when your keyword is generic and is mentioning only one type of product, you can use synonyms to direct the results generated to your website directly.

One more effective way to increase your ROI is to target your audience based on their locations and then displaying tailor-made ads or ads specific to them. You can provide better or different services for locations which you can reach easily, like providing free shipping or discounts to those who belong to your regional area. Geo-targeting is known to work well and increase conversions too.

Use google analytics tools to be more specific about your target audience. So, instead of targeting people who clicked on the link, you can target those who visited more than one page on your website. This way you can target people whom you are sure of will be active on your website or buy your product because they are interested.

Your landing page is the first thing that will convince viewers. So, it is essential to make it the best way possible. Try putting the keywords on your title or the landing page. Invest more time and money on the content that you are providing. Sometimes, providing good content is more important than investing money on placing ads everywhere.

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