Explaining Negative SEO

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Explaining Negative SEO

When someone tries to lower your rankings, it is referred to as negative SEO. It does not include lowering of your website’s ranking due to some competitor’s website but when someone purposely tries to bring your website down through bad tactics. An example of this is when someone links a porn or a casino website to your site. This becomes negative when your rankings begin to drop.

The first impact of negative SEO is when Google starts to filter you out. One way is to look at SEO as a over -optimization cup. Each website has a different size of the cup. If you are a highly established website like Amazon or Facebook, your cup size is going to be huge. Bigger are your cups, more there is room for errors.

When you are a beginner, you have a small cup. You start filling it up with content, links, pages etc. Once you hit the limit and your cup starts to overflow, Google begins to hit you with penalties. This kind of exercise is more common in aggressive industries. People try to tip their competition off through these low quality links such as porn or casino links. This causes an instant loss of traffic for the affected website.

Google has been improving their algorithms to minimise the loss to the affected websites due to these links. In the recent past, even though such links were added to certain websites, there was no loss in traffic.

You can update your disavow file with the Google Webmaster Tool. Even though the impact of such bad links has decreased in recent years, it is better to look out for them and take precautionary measures to avoid such situations.

Google has made various improvisations in their algorithms to help people function on the web more safely.

Therefore now people are less worried about these bad links affecting their traffic. If you are looking for SEO company in Mumbai get in touch with BeeingSocial