How to Fix Declining Search Traffic

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How to Fix Declining Search Traffic

There can be various reasons for loss of traffic particularly when you haven’t changed anything in your content marketing plan. One reason could be the link algorithm which might be spamming or maybe your content is outdated and redundant. Another reason could be that the User experience of your website is not that great.

One could definitely read the Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land or the Search Engine Roundtable to look for the latest algorithms and changes in the sites.

SEMRush and Moz can be used to get notified about the changes happening around. For example, SEMRush does not only show the changes in the Google algorithm but also tells you about which industries are going to be hit the hardest.

Rusty Bricks, who runs the Search Engine Roundtable, has an update which shows all the different tools and forums which talk about the changes in the traffic. In the nutshell, he tries to find a correlation across the board. He looks for possible reasons for the traffic loss on the basis of the conversations of people on various platforms and draws a connection between them. Through that one can get the quantitative and the qualitative data and can use resources like Wicked Fire and Blackhatworld to improve or change their content.

Experimenting with your work and ideas is another important factor when it comes to dropping in the traffic. You might delete links, upgrade content, change formats to see if it increases the traffic. The key is to diversify and expand.

Have the bigger picture in mind. It is important, to begin with, one thing and nail it. After that, one should look for better ideas and be proactive in searching for new things and follow the Google guidelines.

Don’t be dependent on one platform for your content. Also, scatter your work. Even small modifications on your website can affect the traffic. It is good to retrace the changes and experiment with your work to get long-term benefits.   

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