5 ways to acquire your first few followers on Social Media Platforms

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5 ways to acquire your first few followers on Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great social media platforms to target audiences and increase the reach and awareness of your company. If you have the right kind of online followers, you will be able to leverage these outlets and make huge profits on these platforms.

Here are 5 simple, but effective ways to get your first burst of new followers:


  1. When you send out emails to your clients, make a mention of your social media presence, with links to your pages on all the platforms. You can also give away discounts or other offers for following your pages!
  2. One of the other very effective ways to acquire followers is to create pop-ups on your web page. Before the client is exiting your page, ask them to follow your pages on social media sites. If they like the work that you’ve done on your page, they’ll surely want to be in-the-know of what you are up to next.
  3. You probably would have heard of this one: Collab. Collaboration with others in your field is a proven way of getting more number of followers. You can start partnering with YouTubers to create a video on a topic of both of your interests, or conduct a live session or webinars on Facebook or Instagram and provide a link to your channel, or pages.
  4. To make your mark on social media platforms, let others know who you are. You can follow pages, and leave detailed answers or comments on those pages. Grab people’s interest by showing your knowledge and expertise in your field.
    Also, be sure to share some valuable ideas, suggestions or solutions to readers. This will go a long way.
  5. Giveaways are very popular and a great way of acquiring a few hundred followers on any platform. If you are active on YouTube, you can easily get followers of your channel to follow you on Facebook too. In the contest, one can keep “Follow my page on Facebook or Instagram” as a criteria to be eligible for the giveaway.