Methods to use Google Trends for improving SEO

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Methods to use Google Trends for improving SEO

Google Trends filters out the hot and  the top ranking news on the web. One might just look up a bunch of words in Google Trends and it returns the  most searched for similar keywords at the moment. If you integrate the buzz on the web with your content, it is going to push a lot of traffic onto your website from Google. So once you have Google news, you can type in the hot “buzzwords” related to your website in order to get ideas and topics for improving your content.

Once you get the trending words, you can choose the keywords in your writings. Also, if a word is trending upwards over the weeks, you can make smart choices . It is not necessary that a  growing topic with low rankings is not a good choice. It all depends on the current buzz in the air.

You should also include your company’s name/ brand to see its popularity and find its trends over time. If your brand ranking is not increasing, you might want to include brand campaigns and brand marketing for increasing traffic and maximising  your brand searches. This is a faster way of getting good results.

Google trends is a  free of cost platform to look for keywords. You should follow it weekly to keep a check on the latest topics and information.

In conclusion, there are three ways to improve your SEO using Google Trends: First, search keywords of your interest to get some new ideas about your content. Second, by using the trending  topics and incorporating them in your posts, you can increase the traffic on your website. Third, you can find out the performance of your brand and compare the rankings over time using Google trends.