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Online Reputation Management Best Practices

Ever since the concept of “Relationship Management” became widely popular not just in the service industry, but also all other businesses, big or small, it has been the centre of every marketing strategy. Additionally, with the massive load of information available online about every single thing in the world, it has become even more crucial to maintain a brand’s or a person’s online reputation more promptly than offline.

With the advent of the need, came the supply of various ORM tools and strategies, which are widely being used by companies and influential people all over the world. To talk in a nutshell, ORM is just a teaming up of excellent PR skills and a curious mind. However, there are certain pointers that can be followed by beginners and professionals alike, while planning out and executing their ORM strategies.

Promptly Monitor online feedback by setting up Google Alerts for your brand name. This will keep you ahead of the chatter and help you identify the positive or negative views on your brand.

Check for any new listings that add you, via Google Alert. It’s not uncommon for your brand/business to be erroneously listed under wrong category. This could harm your reputation.

Be professional and respectful while dealing with negative feedback or comments. Acknowledge the person ‘s grievance and reply appropriately and politely.

On the other hand, do not engage with trolls or spammers, who are just looking out to spread negativity in a bid to gain attention. They are best left unattended, as most people recognize the trolls and do not acknowledge their comments.

Try to facilitate one on one treatment with negative reviewers or comments, by taking the conversation on a private chat promptly. This is like a damage control measure to avoid a public argument.

Last but not the least, it is important to be kind to yourself, as dealing with negative feedback can make you weary. Understand, that you cannot keep everyone happy all the time. Try your best to get into the good books of your customers, but do not regret over people who just wouldn’t comply. Your efforts will be noticed by others and that is a good enough way to positively impact your reputation.