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Public Display of Affection” on Social Media Sites

Are you suffering from Social PDA???

Please have a look at these status messages

  • Koochi poo pls come soon , sona Misses u a lot!
  • Completed 1 week with my new found love and celebrating it with my adorable darling ragini!

Do any of these ring a bell? I am sure you’ve seen these status or tweets on your timeline, of lovers talking to each other on social networks, or posting comments on each others walls. Tagging themselves in bitstrip pics on each others walls.

Most of us have friends who do all this kind of stuff and we keep getting annoyed by it and I really pray, for those souls who are friends with these ‘Coo-Chee-Coo’ couples. I have at least three couples like these on my timeline, and, the worst part is that I can’t even tell them to stop doing it.

Social PDA, like an epidemic, is spreading very fast in the current generation and if it’s not controlled I’m sure it’ll take away all the fun out of social networks for us.

Social PDAs are like an infatuated couple at school, passing notes in a classroom and having everyone peek into it, and while it passes by, open it and maybe like or comment. It’s just not as (Aarghh) romantic as a walk in the clouds or an SRK romantic blockbuster. Neither is it like expressing and screaming out your love to someone while the other person you’re talking to is standing, for example, on the other side of a busy Mumbai local platform and everybody on that platform carefully listens to what you’re saying to each other, like… What’s her nickname? Why do you love her? Etc… etc.…

In my opinion, I really don’t feel that social platforms are designed, to convey love messages to paramours here, if you really want to share your romantic feelings with someone use direct messages, chat, mail, phone, text but why social networks???

Couples who engage in social PDA are generally hated by their audiences for a multitude of reasons, and the initial ‘Awww’… soon becomes a ‘Uugh’… on social networks. Yes! It does make you the most talked about couple in town, but, it also makes you appear as an extremely cheesy person.

Ask yourself this, why would you want to send a social PDA, on a public platform for the whole world to see?
Are you simply happy and excited, or are you feeling insecure? Sometimes, we use public declarations of love as a possessive tool or as a way of marking our territory, or sometimes to even reassure ourselves.

There are certain things that are definitely acceptable like, an occasionally shared picture of you and your partner together. However, once again, while casual images are nice and even fun, extremely close and personal images make people uncomfortable. Even calling each other “sweet names” on social networking sites is barred and considered inappropriate. Trust me, nobody, is interested in knowing what you call each other in private.

Well, whatever the reason is, I feel that it’s high time government authorities and political parties should ban these status messages and there should be a bill passed in the Lok Sabha to curb this J

So, I would like to pass a simple suggestion to all those love couples out there on social media. Dear couples who are deeply in love, please understand that you are talking on a public platform and there are people on your timeline who can see, what you are doing. Please behave like responsible netizens and stop posting stuff about how you went to a movie and which popcorn you shared with your better half and so on and so forth. I can understand that your parents, siblings have accepted the way you are, but your bosses, colleagues and the whole world will take some time to understand your nature.

And In the end one more ‘cheesiest’ lines which I have seen in my time line.

जिंदगी एक श्रृंखला चाहत का है,
कोई bichad को कोई मिल गया गया,
जिसे, उथले दोस्त mein मैने duaon है
खुदा वो मुझे से हाय मिल गया माँगे बिना …

P.S: – The names and nicknames used in this blog are fictitious and any resemblance whatsoever, with any person is just a coincidence, #Not!