Success is the Best Revenge-A Saga of Super Hero Baba Ramdev

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Success is the Best Revenge-A Saga of Super Hero Baba Ramdev

Here is a typical Bollywood movie plot, a typical Indian village which is ruled by few wealthy jamindar’s they torture villagers, humiliate them and take their money, a poor chap “angry young man” tries to stop this. But Jamindars are so powerful that they don’t let this poor chap work, and create conditions because of which the whole village turns against him and he is thrown out of the village.

Poor Boy’s “Andhi behan” and “Vidhva maa” are left alone in the village in dark, and they think the boy is dead.

after few year’s the boy returns, takes his revenge and villagers are happy.

well, that’s how brands humiliated Patanjali back in 2011 and now Patanjali is threatening the existence of big wigs like HUL,Dabur, with a new strategy and positioning Patanjali is back in the game.

Brand Patanjali generated around 15000 conversations on Twitter in the period between August 2015-January 2016, according to data compiled by social media analytics firm Blueocean Market Intelligence.

Chatter around Patanjali was largely around its competitiveness (60%) as an FMCG brand. Some discussions were also led by the indigenous nature (17%) of the brand, the quality of its products (13%) and its marketing strategy (10%).

In many instances, discussions/posts around the brand referred to Baba Ramdev thereby indicating that the brand is strongly associated with Baba Ramdev and he is a strong brand ambassador driving the brand’s image.

A lot of buzz was observed around Patanjali becoming a strong threat in terms of market share to rival MNCs such as Colgate, HUL, ITC and Emami, in the FMCG space.

Discussions touched upon Patanjali emerging as a strong player in the FMCG market; particularly its soaring sales graph gathered a lot of attention.Many consumers were seen commenting on how their products, particularly noodles and honey were not only cheaper but also better than those of other competitors. Few consumers went to the extent of expressing their wishlist of products such as sanitary napkins, fairness creams, that they expect in future from Patanjali. Top trending hashtags for the brand were Patanjali, Ramdev, and Babaramdev, according to Blueocean.

In terms of its marketing strategy, discussions centered around Patanjali’s tie-up with Future Group. This partnership was seen as a sound approach to further strengthen the brand’s foothold in the FMCG market through Future Group’s outlets such as Big Bazaar and Easyday.

Furthermore, efforts such as launching Patanjali Atta Noodles in the absence of Maggi noodles in the market, targeting market segments dominated by MNCs, direct marketing, seeking exclusive space at stores, were appreciated as compelling and strategic marketing moves

The brand’s marketing related update that it is focusing on advertising and has kept aside Rs. 300 crore for advertising and promotion, also gathered some attention according to the research.

so as they say success is the best revenge, baba Ramdev has taken his revenge against “Videshi Takat”