What should you do to promote your content?

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What should you do to promote your content?

One thing you can do when starting out with blogs is that you can find other bloggers in your space and ask them to promote your blogs. Contrary to common belief, there are some bloggers willing to promote the content of other bloggers of the same niche. You can even pay them for promoting your content and being a traffic facilitator to your landing page. You should also make sure that you have a giveaway, on your landing page, like a free e-book, which will help you in creating your own list of email ids which you can retarget later. Moreover, by adding social sharing to your blog pages you can increase your social traffic as well.

Another tip is to use ‘BuzzSumo’, a website that gives you details about who has shared who’s content. You can then email the people who have shared your competitor’s article, mentioning the main points that your blog covers and your competitors have missed out.

Nowadays, with more and more people using different social platforms, traffic on LinkedIn is increasing. So, for blogs, you can post a small snippet, probably 2-3 paragraphs on LinkedIn and add a link to the full article that is directed to your website.

You can also increase your reach by reposting your blogs on ‘Medium’, an online publishing platform, which has a canonical feature on it.

But, with Facebook’s humongous reach, advertising on Facebook to grow your traffic is the best kind of investment for any Digital Marketer.