Why is Quora The Best Place For Marketing?

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Why is Quora The Best Place For Marketing?

If you don’t already know about Quora, then read on to find out.

Quora is the largest Q&A platform, that is Question and Answer platform where people from around the globe ask interesting questions to which people respond with even more interesting answers!

On Quora exist everyone from everywhere- you can get answers from living legends, researchers, doctors, scientists, war veterans, singers, businessmen and women and even regular people who have some extraordinary stories to share.


The best part is yet to come. As a service provider, a marketer, or a business, you can create your very own page and answer relevant questions on the platform. Even IBM has an account on Quora. It helps you create your image as an expert in your field and a reliable and trusted company.


It should not be surprising to know that Quora generates a large search engine traffic, and that is why you should consider placing your ads here. Being a free-from-ads platform since its inception, Quora started the campaign only a year ago. Because of the campaign being relatively newer than others, the competition from other brands and companies is lower. So, each advertisement has high visibility.


Quora ensures presence of real people, that is, accounts that are verified. It thoroughly ensures that only high-quality content and answers get the visibility. Here, your ads get featured alongside popular posts only. So, people who are interested in your field can have a chance at getting in touch with you directly.


Because Quora has provided the marketers with the flexibility to decide where their ads are posted, you can choose relevant topics and be featured there! Hence, it becomes even easier to convert the contributors of the platform into customers.


You can track and manage your advertisements- where you want them to appear, how many leads are being generated, what kind of posts are getting you most number of clicks etc. The statistics are available for you to make and change your decisions easily.


Even though Quora ads are a new feature, companies are flocking towards its direction because of the less competition, and high number of users (which is believed to be over 100 million users every month!).