Use Social Media to build a strong brand.

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Use Social Media to build a strong brand.

There are people that have built a strong brand name using social media. Gretta van Riel, founder of ‘SkinnyMe Tea’, was able to reach 16 million followers on Instagram by making use of several micro-influencers.

Initially, to grow your reach, you might have to give away stuff for free and send products to micro-influencers, who will promote your brand in return.

Creating a catchy phrase and building a movement behind it on social media is another way that has helped many brands, by creating a movement you make people stick to your brand.

Another brand, Sunny Co Clothing, a swimwear producing company, created a funnel on social media. They started a campaign informing everyone on Instagram that they can get a free swimsuit if they reposted an image and tagged them. Contrary to common belief, this type of campaign, in which you give away free stuff, can turn out to be pretty profitable; it was a successful campaign for Sunny Co Clothing too.

You should be patient when growing your brand, It took Gretta months to grow her brand.

And Lastly, Success on social media depends on consistency; you will not gain success by posting once in a week or month. One needs to post daily to grow your brand on social media.