Driving engagement through emotional proposition

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Driving engagement through emotional proposition

Are you a reality show fan? Do you follow someone influential? You might not be an avid commentator on social media, but how many times have you felt compelled to voice your opinion about the show or person you follow? Many times. The reason for it is not the popularity of the show or the status of the individual, but the emotional connect they establish with people. Whenever these influential celebrities or shows post an emotional message, it resonates with thousands of people, either in a positive or a negative way, which compels them to be vocal on social media.That is the power of emotional proposition in a social media strategy.

   Here’s how you can use emotional proposition to drive engagement and increase followers on your platform.

  1. Know your audience and tap into their online behaviour. Understand what might appeal to them on an emotional level
  2. Your content should not always talk about your brand directly. There should also be posts that talk about the emotional proposition associated with your product or brand.
  3. Find out your loyal followers as they are your biggest brand advocates. Connect with them emotionally by responding to their comments or messages in a personalised fashion.
  4. Get feedback from your followers. It is very important that your audience knows that they are being heard and that their opinion matters to you. Ask them what they would like to know from you. Create feedback driven content.

All these steps will eventually lead to a lot of relevant engagement on your platform and also help in creating a goodwill in the online community. Make your social media platform, a two-way communication station and viola, you just cranked up a notch than your competitors!