Ways to Promote Old Content Without Bugging Your Viewers

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Ways to Promote Old Content Without Bugging Your Viewers

The best way to promote your previously used content is by updating it. For example, if you have a list of best action movies up to the year 2017. You can update the list by adding in the relevant description of new movies that have released in 2018. This way your content appears new and has more value to it.

Once you are ready with the updated content, push it up on your page where it can capture the attention of your viewers and ask them to share it. You can post the link of your content piece on different social media platforms or also post ads on them.

The best kind of content to be re-promoted is your evergreen content. They are supposed to carry value for many years to come. You can use MeetEdgar to regularly promote your evergreen content. Make sure to categorize them beforehand from non-evergreen content so that it is easier for you to manage them.

You can also analyze the viewership of your content using Google Analytics and create a list of the visitors. You can email them informing them about the updated content or similar content on your page. This way, you are only targeting the audience which is interested in that specific content. But make sure that you don’t overdo it and start spamming them.

Another handy tool would be to repurpose your content. You can create an infographic video or a podcast and post it on your page. You can also share the link to the original content piece so that the viewers can refer to it as well.

In the end, people will give your article a shot if it carries any value to it. If your content succeeds in providing that, it will be appreciated and shared. So make sure to associate the present value to your old content. To know more, visit Beeing Social.