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Quora Ads for Beginners

Quora is basically a question and answer website, where you can ask any question related to any topic and people, an expert in that particular field, answers your question. Because of this, Quora generates tons of traffic every day and so its valuation is currently over one billion dollars.

The best thing about Quora is you get to show your ads to your target audience i.e. you can have your ad shown to peoples searching for a solution to the queries related to your niche. Also, it’s currently very cheap to advertise on Quora.

So, if you have a product that is used for hiring employees in a company i.e. you can keep a track record of various stages of the process, right from posting about a vacancy, to candidates sending their applications, and so on. For this kind of product, you can show your ads on Quora whenever a question related to the hiring process comes up.

By linking these ads to a relevant landing page you can grow your website’s traffic and this can further convert into leads.

If advertised correctly or rather relevantly, Quora Ads can also work for E-commerce companies.

In Quora, on an average, you get 20% conversion rate to your landing page, which again depends on your niche, strategy etc.

Since the costs for advertising on Quora is low and conversion rates relatively high, leveraging Quora ads NOW will be a great investment which every Digital marketer should try.