Tips and tricks to make AdWords work for you

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Tips and tricks to make AdWords work for you

1) Using sitelinks in your ads, opens up the opportunity to add more sections of your sites in your ads, for example, you can add links for some case study or product category page to your ads to make it more efficient.

2) Leveraging Dayparting (especially in a B2B business) will help you get better results. Dayparting is a technique that allows you to specify a percentage of your standard pay-per-click (PPC) bids for every 30-minute interval of the week, and to base your adjustments on precise historical data.

3) You can also try having a single keyword ad groups i.e. your ad group will be focused on only one keyword which is much tailored, this can also improve quality score and overall conversion rates.

4) You can try geo-targeting as well, even if you are having nationwide campaigns because then you can show your target audience, specific offers based on the city they are in. For example, if you only ship your product to certain cities, you might want to add the free shipping offer only to certain campaigns targeting these cities.

5) Another thing you can do is to link your AdWords and Google Analytics account so that you can make a very specific retargeting list. By using data from both the platforms your retargeting list will be much more efficient.

6) Optimizing your landing pages for conversions is another simple (and free) trick you can use, the simplest way to do so is to integrate the keywords that the users search for into your landing page. With this, your conversion rates will go higher.

7) Lastly, you can use CPA bidding. Once you have a certain number of conversions, you can set your bidding to CPA and let Google do the job for you. This type of bidding has proven to yield good results.