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Future of Mobile Marketing for 2016

2015 has already kicked off with some amazing surprises in the mobile space.  The mobile advertising industry is maturing and there is no doubt that it will soon be developing by leaps and bounds. With the advent of more feature-rich mobile devices, the infancy of the Internet of Things industry, and more sophisticated analytics, the[...]
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Social Media Trends that will rule 2018

The last year saw a huge leap in the way brands leveraged social media to boost their presence and business goals. With major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram rolling out newer and better features on a regular basis, marketers are always on their feet to in order to be present everywhere that their[...]
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The Dark Side of Social Media – Blue whale challenge

In the first case of blue whale challenge death, a teenager committed suicide on 30th July 2017 in Andheri in Mumbai. Blue Whale began in Russia in 2013 with “F57”, one of the names of the so-called “death group” of the VKontakte social network, and allegedly caused its first suicide in 2015. Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student who was expelled[...]
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3 Steps to become a Creative Powerhouse

If you want to become a Creative Powerhouse and increase the productivity of your own creative process, there are three things that can help. First, be sensitive to your own experiences. Pay attention to how things make you think and feel .That’s how we distinguish from true insights. As Steve jobs put it , “The[...]
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How Real Time Bidding is the new Share Market of India

Real Time Bidding – This is one of the most fundamental topics of Online Advertising. What is RTB? From the name – Bidding, it sounds like an auction. And when you imagine an auction in the context of the advertising industry then you think it must be an auction of advertising resources. Right? That’s correct.[...]
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